What is the LINK? The LINK is a weekly, virtual bulletin board that keeps the women of Spring Lake Church connected with each other. It is intended to be a place of edification and sharing of personal and/or original information, encouragement, and resources within the group. A reminder is sent out every Monday asking for the announcements that ladies would like to post in the LINK. The announcements are compiled and then sent emailed by noon on Wednesday of each week.

How do I sign up to receive the LINK postings? Send an email to Candy Turk at

How do I get something posted in the LINK? Send an email to Candy Turk at using the following format:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address and/or Phone Number
  • Text of Message Please type this exactly as you want it, there will be no editing of text, everything will simply be cut and pasted into one document without any additional editing.
What types of things can be posted? Comments and/or questions about local businesses (which may include your own), walking partners, parenting advice, extracurricular options for kids, garage sales and items for sale. Garage sales and items for sale should be limited to one or two post occurrences. Please note: No photos, graphics, or attachments are accepted.

What do I do if I want to respond to a post? Please contact the woman directly using the contact information provided. Do not reply to the group or the original email.

What types of things should NOT be posted? Invitations to home parties, school fundraisers and email forwards.

Have an additional question? Contact Candy Turk directly at

If you no longer wish to receive the LINK, please email, using Unsubscribe as the Subject Line. Please allow two weeks for processing.

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